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In 1962, Electro-Space Fabricators was founded on a dedication to quality, and that principle, carried through to every level of the company, has contributed greatly to our stability, success, and growth.

At ESF, we’re committed to providing our customers with the very best products their money can buy—which means extra value is built into every step, from design to delivery.

Precision metal fabrication is our primary business, but our capabilities really go far beyond that—we offer a full range of services including ESD controlled value-added assembly. Most of our customers rely on us to produce finished products, and we are able to save them critical time and money because we offer complete in-house services 24 hours a day, in our 125,000 sqft manufacturing facility.

With a single purchase order, our customers receive all items complete with hardware, finish, screening, assembly of electronic components, and related testing, thereby avoiding double and triple inspection and handling time as well as shipping costs.

Electro-Space has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and remains committed to making further investments to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product for the best price.

By installing computer-controlled, automated, conveyorized machinery, ESF offers the ultimate in precision, value, and efficiency. This equipment combined with the skills of experienced men and women produces consistently high-quality work.

Our Quality Control department maintains tight controls on every product—from the design stage…through manufacturing and final inspection…to packaging for shipment. The quality program conforms to ISO 9002, MIL-STD-105, and MIL-I-45208 standards including a first piece inspection in every department plus an AQL final inspection. ESF also operates a Zero Defects Program, which includes an analysis of any defect to determine its root cause and to plan corrective action to avoid future issues.

In addition to our metal fabrication and ESD-controlled value-added assembly capabilities, we are also a recognized leader in the specialized manufacture of custom card enclosures, VME sub-rack systems, packaging accessories, and injection-molded plastics.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities include:

  • Networked, multi-station CAD/CAM system
  • Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD, SolidWorks GMS software
  • Computer-controlled shears
  • Computer-controlled turret punch presses
  • Computer-controlled forming brakes
  • Spot welders – Aluminum/Steel and heliarc welding machines
  • Computer-controlled machining centers
  • CNC milling machines
  • ESD-controlled assembly lines with ionizers and testing equipment
  • Pemserter hardware insertion machines
  • Conveyorized sanders
  • Conveyorized paint facility
  • Complete in-house silk-screening and marking facilities
  • Plastic Injection molding machines, ranging from 40 to 400 tons