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The initial design of a product is extremely important. A growing number of customers contract ESF’s engineering department for initial product drawings and/or review and redlining of existing designs because we take every step into account when designing and engineering products. Our design engineers produce product drawings you can trust.

ESF’s Design Engineering Process

Our design engineers can produce fully-detailed manufacturing drawings, including 3D isometric assembly views. This software facilitates fast, accurate drawing and revision control while minimizing development lead time from concept to production. Our in-house design software includes ProEngineering AutoCAD, and SolidWorks, we also can work with formats DXF, and STP. Our engineers are proficient in CAD software. 

ESF engineers understand the product manufacturing process, so they know how to create manufacturing drawings that will produce a sturdy, replicable, and compatible product to fit your company’s vision.

Free Value Analysis

We believe your product should be of the highest quality, even if we did not create the initial design.  At no additional cost, ESF offers a complete value-added analysis. During this analysis, our engineers take time to review customer drawings and suggest design changes that will in turn create a product with better manufacturability, tolerance, materials, finishes, and cost considerations. 

Contact us to get in touch with one of our experienced design engineers for your next product design and to take advantage of our Free Value Analysis service.