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The manufacturing of metal Enclosures and Boxes with intricate details is one of our specialties. Our highly skilled welders are experienced in maintaining close tolerance and squareness without heat distortion while assuring weld integrity.  ESF can offer any level of sealed enclosures, NEMA, TEMPEST, ELECTRONIC RF, including pressure testing for many industries such as medical, military, and telecom.  

Manufacturing and Technology

To speed the design-to-manufacturing process, ESF works directly from CAD file data for both quoting and manufacturing.  Our system software includes Pro-Engineering, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, GMS, IGES and DXF.  We also offer a free value analysis on all products.  Send us a sketch, drawing or sample part and ESF engineers will review the design for structural integrity, tolerance requirements, manufacturability, costs, and reverse engineering if required.

From pizza boxes to large custom enclosures, simple or complex, ESF can be a single point of purchase for all your electronic packaging needs.

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