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The ESF Spot Welding Process

Electro-Space is one of the few metal fabricators with in-house, fully-certified facilities featuring an array of welding equipment for spot welding aluminum and steel up to 1/8-inch thick. We apply perfect weld nuggets which can withstand pull tests up to 2,000 pounds—a definite advantage for products that are required to operate in rugged and hostile environments. To assure high-quality consistency, ESF uses 3-phase Sciakys, ranging from 75 to 200 KVA, which carefully control heat and pressure. All operations are based upon MIL-W-6858 D.

We perform and document destructive pull tests on all spot welded setups.

What is Spot Welding?

Spot welding, also known as resistance spot welding, uses conductive heating generated by an electrical current to permanently join together two separate pieces of metal without the use of filler materials.

ESF Specializes in TIG and MIG welding

Tungsten Inert Gas, commonly known as TIG welding or GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding), is an arc welding process that results in high-quality welding. Most commonly used with thinner sheet metal or more delicate materials than used in routine welding projects, TIG welding utilizes a tungsten electrode arc to melt the metals with current, while usually adding filler metal. The inert gas creates a protective shield from atmospheric contaminants at the weld area. 

Gas Metal Arc Welding, also known as MIG welding is a process that utilizes a continuously fed solid electrode and shields gas from an externally supplied source.  It is ideal for thicker materials and can be used for all types of commercially available metals and alloys.

Contracting Our Welders

Because of the precise demands of TIG and MIG welding, Electro-Space’s welders are highly skilled craftsmen with years of experience. Each welder is a specialist in maintaining close tolerances and squareness while controlling heat distortion and assuring weld integrity.

We specialize in the welding of enclosures, chassis, weldments, and similar items requiring a “molded”, intricately contoured appearance. Our welders are also experienced in the complex manufacture of the “tempest” generation of enclosures, which requires a totally sealed weldment to prevent electronic leakage.

Each of our experienced welders are tested and certified in accordance with MIL-STD-1595A.

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