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Sheet Metal Manufactured Cosmetic Front Panels

Electro-Space Fabricators specializes in producing cosmetic front panels from steel, aluminum, stainless steel sheet metal or machined panels. Our in-house finishes include Rohs clear chem film, plating, painting, and silk-screening.  We also offer Powder coat, Zinc, Anodize, Nickel and Passivate.

Our highly skilled final marking operation offers cosmetic silk-screening on smooth or textured surfaces as well as those not easily accessible including multi-color screening.

Value-Added Assembly

Value Added assembly for front panels is also available in our electrostatic-sensitive assembly area.  Light pipes, LED’s, Gaskets, Connectors, Switches, Speakers, Cameras, Microphones, and whatever components are needed, we can take your front panels to the next level including VME handle hardware.

Custom or VME, ESF is your solution for high tolerance, cosmetic front panels

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